Julian in black suit!

Sorcerer!Julian has white suit, that’s why I made this but, not just for that reason~

My beloved senpai (dragovar-alhazred) is my real life Julian!~ And I’m not kidding, he REALLY wears a top hat and a black suit!!

Of course, he is a Fanja and is a little bit older than Julian, but yeah, thats it~

Green Eyed by stargrace97

Franz and Franny!!~

She looks too pretty to be a robot, uh?

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Ok! Time to upload some new genderbends!~

Today, Brent and Brenda~  

Their faces are like: ಠ_ಠ (?)

Check my other RC9GN Genderbends!

Julian’s sprite that dragovar-alhazred​ made for me, but I wanted to share it, so… enjoy it!!~

» You know that you're a real Fanja when...
Friend: Hey! Look at what I found on Youtube!
Me: Did you mean... ShoobTube...?
Friend: Yeah... uh... yes...
Me: -Sees something really awesome- Ooohh! So bruce!
Friend: Yep...
Me: Woah! The juice was that?!
Friend: ... the juice...?
Me: Oh no, I gotta go... SMOKE BOMB! -simulates a smoke bomb and runs away-
Friend: ... That Ninja show again...
» How I explain the Ninja Show to others
Friend: Can you explain to me more about Randy and the show?
Me: Yep
Friend: Ok, tell me
Me: ... Randy is the Ninja...
Friend: Cool...
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A RC9GN fanfic created by AdorableCeline, featuring to “Azazel”, interpreted by Therence Fowler (this sounds like a movie…)

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Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja by stargrace97

I reached 300th watchers on DeviantArt…

Trick and Treat.(Julian and Julianne) by Deathless-Julia

I just found this on DeviantArt and… Ooww~ I like Julianne’s dress